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Visible and Near Infra Red

For about 20 years scientist, Doctors and clinicians believed there was something special about the properties of laser light itself that was producing all the good results they were getting. Hence the wide acceptance and use of lasers in the cosmetic industry. It turns out that it was the RED " color" of the laser that was producing all the good results and NASA has now confirmed specific RED LIGHT frequencies facilitate growth and healing.

The frequencies around the mid 600nm +/- (nano-meter) range visible red light, which penetrates the skin a few millimeters and the mid 800nm +/- range, non-visible near infrared light, which penetrates into the body several centimeters, have been found to work the best.

The source of this light, laser or LED really doesn't matter but the intensity does.

This is because these frequencies of RED LIGHT at the right intensity stimulate the mitochondria to produce extra energy and thereby help the cell to work more efficiently. This supports the cells and therefore the body to heal itself, reducing inflammation is part of this.

Initially I could not believe what I was reading so I ordered a 660nm red light and a 850nm infrared light to try them out. Over the last two years my wife has had both knees replaced and after a long day on her feet has a lot of pain, especially in her ankles. She was very skeptical but after a couple of weeks into my project she was desperate enough to try it. She was amazed after only 10 minutes the pain was gone. She then used an 850nm infrared light on her hands with good results also.

Yes the pain comes back after a while but with 10 - 20 minutes of light twice a day things are not just held in check but are improoving. This is a beautiful thing.

It turns out that there are hundreds of cellular functions that are turned on and off by light and one of the "side effects," according to Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse, is the production of water within the cells. So RED LIGHT therapy helps to MoisturEase our bodies at a cellular level. We need full spectrum light during the day to live optimally, just like our plants, fish and pets. Morning red and then blue light triggers many chemical and hormonal functions including the shutting down of melatonin production to get us going. BUT, at night, artificial blue light (from TV's, computers, smart phones, common LED bulbs etc) are telling our brains it is 12:00 mid-day and that messes with the night time detox, rest and healing cycles.

We are designed to be healthy, active and vital but we MUST work with the design to actually achieve that. Natural sun light is still the best but if or when that is not available or practical, don't be "SAD" supplement with light therapy which is the next best thing.

But don't take my word for it, Google "Red Light Therapy" or look at the web sites listed below. In addition to the wonderful information, you will see that some amazing products have been developed AND that many are quite expensive (for the area that they cover).

Finding quality equipment with the right light frequency and intensity took some trial and error. Then, working with two separate light frequency devices was awkward, so I put them together in a way that was practical and easy to use and about a third to a half of the price of many alternatives.

Joovv makes a very nice product and they have a great deal of information on their site which is linked below, please check them out. If after you have done your own research you want a little red light in your life and are OK with saving money, text me 972.849.9500.

Here are a couple of vidoes from Youtube talking about Red Light Therapy.
What ever medical claims are made on other web sites and by others online is between them and the FDA.