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  Are you sick and tired
of being sick and tired?

I was, and I want to be healthy,
 pain free, feel alive with lots of energy,
have a clear mind during the day
and be able to rest at night
with a good nights sleep. 

I found a simple solution:

     Red Light Therapy
. . . does it work?

This is a bright idea . . .
You know the saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

You HAVE proven one thing –

doing what you are doing will get you the results you have been getting.

How is that working out for you?

I am an avid researcher and recently a Naturopathic Doctor friend asked me to research laser light therapy for them. Someone was wanting to sell them a $4,000 machine and they didn't have the time to look into it. After weeks of research into the history and science of laser light therapy what I found was very revealing . . .


Red Red Light

Working with the design
for optimum results.

at the right frequency and intensity stimulate the mitochondria to produce extra energy and thereby help the cells work more efficiently.

"She was amazed

after only 10 minutes

the pain was gone."

"We need full spectrum light

during the day to live optimally,

just like our plants, fish and pets.
If you have "dis-ease" simply start working with the design instead of against it and "ease" will be restored.

We are designed to be healthy, active and vital but we MUST work with the design to actually achieve that. Natural sun light is still the best but if or when that is not available or practical, don't be "SAD" supplement with light therapy which is the next best thing.

My Doctor friend is using these light BOXES and getting some very promising results and did not have to spend $4,000 on a laser machine.

One of her patients has had lower leg neuropathy for a number of years and stated after only one day of having received THE GIFT BOX1-300w . . .

"For the first time in two years the burning in my legs stopped and I slept through the night without waking in pain."

And another friend with a tooth infection:

"Hi. Thank you for coming over with the goodies. It meant a lot to me. I just did 15 minute (Infrared) light treatment...the bump in my mouth is almost gone now! Is that possible? Wow!! Love you. Thank you."

"Thanks for bringing the light over. My husband's back is much better and my four day tension headache is greatly improved. We are going to order one."

The Gift System - Light Options

These BOXES are made of metal mesh to allow them to breath, are self contained and can easily be moved from room to room, they may be used safely on the bed, placed on a table, hung on the wall or the back of a door.


1x IR 850nm light
(24x 1watt led) with
1x RED 660nm light
(24x 1watt led)

300 watts of light equivalent



1x IR 850nm light
(24x 2watt led) with
1x RED 660nm light
(24x 2watt led)

300 watts of light equivalent



1x IR 850nm light
(24x 2watt led) with
2x RED 660nm light
(36x 2watt led)

600watts light



2x IR 850nm light
(24x 2watt led) with
1x RED 660nm light
(18x 2watt led)

Comes with Bag

680watts light



1x IR 850nm lights
(24x 2watt led) with
1x RED/Full Spectrum light
(90x 10watt led)

Comes with Bag
1200watts light



2x IR 850nm lights
(24x 2watt led) with
1x RED/Full Spectrum light
(90x 10watt led)

Comes with Bag

1500watts light


These BOXES are built to order so I am open to customize.
Prices plus shipping.
If you require shipping please call for options and rates.

Purchase through PayPal secure, use any card listed.

BOX Options

For Custom BOXES - pay other amount

These are not medical devices and nothing stated here should be taken as medical advice, just our own and others personal testimony. These lights are offered as nothing more than light fixtures and/or "grow lights" for your home.

Personally, to alleviate "dis-ease" I am:

1 - reducing/cutting out blue light after sunset,
2 - getting as much full spectrum light during the day
and then
3 - "re-booting" the mitochondria with red light therapy

and "ease" is being restored . . .

The more you DO the better your results, so DO as much as you can.

. . . your tomorrow begins today . . .

Avoiding EMF/RF may be a key - EMF5GHelp.com