Hello There!

We're back from Tahiti and finally got a chance to see the pictures-that was very fast by the way!!! Super job! I am so pleased with the pictures-especially of the ones at the reception. If it wasn't for your guidance us through "the madness" we would've missed a lot of great shots. Thank you so much for your work It means so much to both Ryan and myself. Everyone I've talked to is also very impressed. I hope my friend Jennifer has called you. She was very interested and told me she'd picked up one of your cards.

Thank you again for making wonderful memories of our special day!

God Bless you Anthony!

Julie Bratcher =)

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We just got back from our honeymoon late Sunday night and finally had a chance to sit down and go through the wedding photos online last night. They are AMAZING! We are so pleased with the work that you did that we canít even begin to describe it. I think Shevawn summed it up when she said it felt like you captured every piece of our big day and just looking through them tells our Wedding Day story.

Thanks again for everything!!!

Mark McSpadden II

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email Anthony - photo@anthonybsmith.com

Call Anthony at 972.849.9500 to see if your date and time are available and he will help you design your own wedding, rehearsal or party package. To get an idea before calling start with Basic weekday or Saturday package then (1) add additional photography coverage if desired. (2) Add additional proofing/preview method(s), you may select more than one. See note below. (3) Select the album(s) you want. (Parent albums can be added now or later.)

Having confirmed your date and time are available and designed your package with Anthony, if you want to book, he will email you a contract. Confirm the details, print out a copy, sign and mail back to Anthony with a deposit check to reserve your date. Other payment options.

2008 Price list Thru November '08

December '08 and 2009 Price List

Start with the basic for your day and date - then if you want add Engagement, Bridal, Rehearsal, Bride and Groom Album, Parent Albums, Second Photographer, All Day Coverage etc. and design your own package - SIMPLE.

Fall '08 Special.

If your wedding is in September '08 and one of us is available locally,

we can show up and shoot for $750 and give you a DVD, call.

This will help those of you with smaller weddings or if you only require shorter coverage.


FREE online previewing on 8 hour packages. 5 hour package at $995 (not holiday weekends)


Basic Weekday or Sunday Package (not Saturday)

     Includes - Photography by Anthony (up to 5 hours)

                     DVD - Digital "negatives" and copyright

                     ($250 each additional hour)


Basic Limited Package (Certain dates/times only)

     Includes - Photography by Anthony (up to 5 hours)

                     DVD - Digital "negatives" and copyright

                     ($250 each additional hour)


Basic Saturday (up to 8 hour) Wedding

     Includes - Photography by Anthony

                     DVD - Digital "negatives" and copyright

                     FREE Online previewing (normally $250)


Spring Special

       Basic Saturday Wedding, DVD, Online preview,

     20-10x10 Story Book Album. ($2,500 value- save $500)


Add Bridal or Engagement sitting with 16x20 mounted, custom print to above package. ($630 value save an additional $130)


50% Deposit required to book date.

Bridal Sitting (includes 1 b&w 5x7 for paper)

Engagement Sitting (includes 1 b&w and 3 color 5x7's)



(1) Photographer(s)

          Add second photographer

          Add all day coverage 1 photographer (16 hours)

          Add all day coverage 2 photographers





(2) Proof/Preview method

          4x6 Archival* photographs (You keep these)

          CD "Flip Album"

          Photographs Online


$1.00 each



(3) Regular Albums

       10 pages - 20 8x10 images

       15 pages - 30 8x10

       20 pages - 40 8x10










"StoryBook"** Albums

  10 page - 20 10x10 -   80 images (+/-)

  15 page - 30 10x10 - 120 images

  20 page - 40 10x10 - 160 images

  10 page - 20 11x14 - 100 images

  15 page - 30 11x14 - 150 images

  20 page - 40 11x14 - 200 images










Saturday (up to 8 hour) Package

Photographed by Anthony B. Smith

DVD - Digital "negatives" and copyright

10 page, 20-10x10 B&G Album

Engagement or Bridal Sitting

FREE Online previewing (normally $250)


Signature Saturday Package

Photographed by Anthony B. Smith

DVD and Copyright

Bridal or Engagement Sitting

FREE Online previewing (normally $250)

with 15 page 30 10x10 B&G Album $2,800 - with 15 page 30 11x14 B&G Album $3,350

Add second Photographer + $500

Rehearsal Dinner One Photographer

DVD and Online


$750 Total - ($1,000 less $250 wedding discount)

Add 8x10's and make up your own album

Rehearsal Dinner Two Photographers

DVD and Online

20 - 8x10 StoryBook Album


$1,650 Total - ($2,000 less $350 wedding discount)

Out of Town Wedding Package

(where a flight and/or over night stay is required)


See 2009 Price List



* All photographs, including 4x6 "proofs/previews" are printed on Kodak Professional ENDURA paper that Kodak rate for 100 years in light display and 200 years in dark storage. DVD's and CD's are not considered "Archival" as the life of CD's could be little as 5 years, less if scratched.. Please read the following excerpt from an article in The New York Times, Wednesday, November 10, 2004:

Jim Gallagher, director for information technology services at the Library of Congress, said the library, faced with "a deluge of digital information," had embarked on a multi year, multimillion-dollar project, with an eye toward creating uniform standards for preserving digital material so that it can be read in the future regardless of the hardware or software being used. The assumption is that machines and software formats in use now will become obsolete sooner rather than later.


"It is a global problem for the biggest governments and the biggest corporations all the way down to individuals," said Ken Thibodeau, director for the electronic records archives program at the National Archives and Records Administration.


. . . But backup mechanisms can also lose their integrity. Magnetic tape, CD's and hard drives are far from robust. The life span of data on a CD recorded with a CD burner, for instance, could be a as little as five years if it is exposed extremes in humidity or temperature.

Having photographed weddings for over 20 years I know how priceless and irreplaceable these images are; I therefore recommend you include the 4x6 "previews" in your package or if you are taking the Digital "negative" option, please have professional prints made immediately so that you can enjoy them for years to come.


** In a "StoryBook" Album each page may be made up of multiple images, like a collage or magazine page. So that a 20 page album may contain 80 or more separate images with an average of 4 on each page. Some may be small, some may cover the whole page. Color and black and white images can be mixed on the same page. The design and options are endless. Look at some samples. Regular albums have just one photograph/image per page.